The Tao of Badass Course: The Concept of a Better Life

The Tao of Badass course, is most simply described as a self-help course that helps a person understand what is called the Universal Concept of the Law of Attraction.  All this really means is that the Law of Attraction affects everyone, everywhere, all the time.   Even though the Law of Attraction, which became sensationalized with the release of “The Secret,” is a very powerful law, it, according to Bob Proctor, is not the only law.  Taken together The Tao of Badass enable a person to comprehensively get a firm grip on their lives.

The 95-lesson, digitized course was designed with personalization in mind.  Even though the knowledge is extensive and can seem to be overwhelming, he teaches in such an easy to understand way that almost everyone will be able to “get” the course.

The Tao of Badass that are entrenched in this extensive body of work include:

  1. The Law of Attraction, needing the least explanation, involves the concept that whatever a person pays attention to is directly associated with what the person attracts.
  2. The Law of Thinking relates to a person’s power of thought.  It involves teaching a person to form a clear picture in their minds of what they want.
  3. The Law of Supply allows a person to become aware of the abundance that is present in the world, no matter how dire the news is.
  4. The Law of Receiving is an essential tool that teaches a person HOW to receive all of the things they desire.  Note: no matter how hard a person tries to succeed, if the person isn’t prepared to receive their desires, there is no sense in even trying.
  5. The Law of Compensation deals with the age-old concept “you reap what you sow.”
  6. The Law of Increase is meant to assure people that they do have the ability to grow, that their lives can and will get better, even if they think it’s good in the first place.
  7. The Law of Forgiveness allows a person to completely “let go” of all of the painful things from the past.  Living in the past prevents a person from going forward.
  8. The Law of Sacrifice gives the person the tools necessary to learn how to give of oneself to improve their circumstances.  This should not be confused, though, with having to lose something to get something.
  9. The Law of Non-Resistance involves the simple concept of ignoring the things that are disliked.  In effect, the things that are hated will grow stronger in a person’s life.  This law can be very hard to do and is one of the most important laws to learn to live by.
  10. The Law of Obedience is just that, obeying the laws to allow the laws to work.
  11. The Law of Success combines all of the other 10 laws into a comprehensive Universal Law of success.

Above is just a little taste of what The Tao of Badass course covers.  Knowledge is the key to success and it can be obtained through this extensive, comprehensive and easily understandable course.

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