StartupPro is extremely shortcode friendly (more than probably any other theme out there). Add shortcodes anywhere, pages, posts, text widgets, and through any of the custom theme option areas, Social Icons, Copyright, Header, Body and Footer custom areas.

Not only that…

Add PHP Anywhere (without hard-coding/child theming)

How PHP is Normally Added

The year is <?php echo date("Y"); ?>.

How to Add with New Shortcode

The year is [sp-php] echo date("Y"); [/sp-php].

And Here it is, PHP Executing Right Into a Page! No Hacking Needed!

The year is 2018.


[sp-button]Some Text[/sp-button]

Some Text

Button Link

[sp_link to="#"]Some Link[/sp_link]
(replace # with URL)

Some Link


Small Boxes

[sp-box-s]Some Content[/sp-box-s][sp-box-s]Some Content[/sp-box-s][sp-box-s]Some Content[/sp-box-s]

Some Content
Some Content
Some Content

Medium Boxes

[sp-box-m]Some Content[/sp-box-m][sp-box-m]Some Content[/sp-box-m]

Some Content
Some Content

Large Boxes

[sp-box-l]Some Content[/sp-box-l]

Some Content

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